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Express Delivery Services

Same Day Courier

Express Delivery of AWICE EXPRESS is currently offering same day service to more city in China. We provide same day courier services for pick up and delivery of your time sensitive packages!


With our new state of the art dispatch technolgoy our customers can enter orders online and check on enroute status, delivery status and signature delivery confirmation, with our new electronic signature capture! 


Our drivers will get your shipments to their destination safely and on time. Express Delivery staff are trained and professional and ready to exceed your expectations.  


We also offer routed, next day, and onboard courier services.


Routed Courier

Express Delivery Routed Couriers can handle your daily or weekly shipments or scheduled pick-ups. Benefits of this service include pre-arranged schedules, at a cost savings you will appreciate, as well as single or multiple shipments.


We also offer same day, next day, and onboard courier services.

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